Saturday, February 19, 2011

My First Blog Award

Some days ago the fab Lynn from Miller's Ink sent me this award! I have to share 8 things about me.

1. I live in a very small town.
2. I have a 9 year old (almost 10) daughter and a 4 year old son.
3. I started scrapbooking back when I was 18!
4. I started to make cards about 3 years ago!
5. My husband and I own 2 businesses (with the economy, its very hard).
6. My Mom taught me how to crochet back when I was in my early teens.
7. I am fluent in Spanish and English.
8. I love to clean, but I don't like cooking.

I'm to pass this to 8 wonderful ladies but I'm not sure to whom. I'm sure they already have it :) Everyone in the crafting hobby is so nice and talented!!
Thanks so much Lynn!!


  1. love your blog wear, nancy! 2 businesses-yikes-i wish you well through this bad economy:)